Health care crisis__Medical costs forcing families into bankruptcy

Health care expenses in America are skyrocketing at a frightening rate. It is one of the biggest issues facing this country as we move further along in the 21st century. Everyone from politicians in Washington to the average person trying to support a family are engaged in debate over the topic of health care. Let's take a quick look at some of the facts regarding the issue of health care in America and how a healthy diet and exercise can help this problem.

At the time of this writing, approximately 46 million Americans are estimated to currently have no health care coverage at all. That's 46 million men, women, and (worst of all) children with no health care. Many of these people cannot afford to pay for health care out of pocket.

At this time, health care costs for a family of four can cost more than $15,000 dollars per year and this number will continue to rise. Lack of affordable health care is a huge problem for millions of people across this nation.

Because health care has become such a huge expense, it has had a major effect on the finances of millions of families across America. For example, a study conducted by Harvard University researchers revealed that health care costs played a large role in over 60% of bankruptcy filings in this country in the year 2007 alone. Many of us know a friend or loved one (or even ourselves) who have fallen deeply into debt due to health care costs. Part 2 of Series

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