Healthy diet and exercise__How they can reduce health care costs in America

There are many different philosophies on how to fix the nation's health care system. Viewpoints range from privatizing health care to creating a nationalized system like many of the other countries in the industrialized world. One of the most overlooked ways to lower medical care costs is to reduce the incidence of disease by promoting the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet.

Granted, there are some disease risk factors that are harder to influence such as genetics. However, there are many disease risk factors that are much easier for us to control such as a lack of a healthy diet, lack of exercise, stress, and unhealthy habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, etc. By decreasing these risk factors, the health, quality of life, and even the finances of millions of Americans can be improved.

The principle of supply and demand comes into play. The number of doctors in this country is decreasing at a time when the number of patients will continue to increase. Exercise and a healthy diet can reduce the incidence of many diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Less disease and medical conditions (with the help of exercise and a healthy diet) means fewer trips to the doctor or hospital which means less demand placed on doctors and hospitals for time and resources which could eventually help lower health insurance premiums and make affordable health insurance a reality for millions of Americans.

Government (federal, state, and local), businesses, and individual people should devote more time and money toward the prevention and reduction of disease causing factors. One of the easiest and simplest ways to do this is to focus less on political debates and instead focus more on helping the public to improve their health through a healthy diet and exercise. Think of all of the financial burden that could be lifted off of the country's economy and off of all of us as individuals.

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