Introduction to Weight Training Exercises

There are many benefits that can be derived from a program of weight training exercises. Weight training exercises can build a strong, muscular physique for men and a sexy, toned body for women. By increasing your body's lean muscle mass with weight training exercises, you can burn more calories even when you aren't working out. Before you get started with weight training exercises, there are some important points you need to think about before you begin a program.

Prior to engaging in weight training exercises, it is important to get checked out by a medical doctor. After that, you have to decide what your specific goals are in relation to your exercise program. Their are many possible objectives including building muscle, increasing strength, increasing muscular endurance, training for a sport, losing weight, or just to look and feel better.

As a side note for the ladies, weight training exercises will not make you look bulky and masculine contrary to popular opinion. Weight training exercises are a great way for women to shape and tone their bodies.

A good program of weight training exercises should target the eight major muscle groups in the human body. The major muscle groups include: the chest, back, shoulders, abs, biceps, triceps, upper leg, and calves (the Trapezius muscles which can be found on the upper back and neck area are sometimes considered part of the shoulder group and sometimes part of the back group).

When performing weight training exercises, it is of utmost importance to pay attention to safety. The most important thing to do is to get the approval of your physician before beginning any exercise program. Second, it is extremely important to learn how to perform weight training exercises with the proper form and technique.

There are many great books available that can give detailed instructions on how to perform various weight training exercises so that you can minimize your risk of injury. Another option is to find a qualified personal trainer or strength and conditioning coach to give you personalized coaching. When performing certain exercises like the bench press, it is best to have a spotter (someone to assist you while performing the exercise in case you need help).

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