Why is it so hard for us to let go and relax

Releasing the feeling of control

Fortunately for us, our minds can receive tremendous benefits from even taking a short mental rest. As little as ten or fifteen minutes a day of letting go of our problems and concerns can go a long way towards reducing our daily stress and tension.

The problem is that it is not easy for many of us to let go of our problems because we are not willing to give up the feeling of control that obsessing over them gives us. By putting constant focus on actively working on our problems, we feel as if we have more control or influence on them.

All work and no play

We are taught that in order to succeed we must work hard and put in a lot of effort in order to achieve anything worthwhile. It is true that a certain amount of work, focus, and dedication is necessary to accomplish our goals.

After all, we have to put in something in order to get something back right? For example, if we wanted to make money in the stock market, we would have to be willing to invest some of our money in some stocks.

While work and effort definitely have their importance, we also need a break from work and effort in order for us to grow and get stronger mentally and emotionally. The problem is that even when we do take a break oftentimes it is not a real break.

Our minds are still focused on our cares, worries, financial concerns, personal issues, career/work related issues, family problems, problems in the world, etc. These thoughts act like computer programs that are running silently in the background of our minds.

Getting away from it all

We may try to "get away from it all" by watching a TV show, eating food, having sex, going on a vacation, etc. but in reality our problems are still in the back of our minds. We think we are relaxing but what many of us do is press the pause button on the remote control in our minds.

We haven't changed the channel we have only temporarily halted it. Soon those channels of problems and worries start playing again.
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